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RTG Media Graphics Makes Marketing Easier for Business Owners

Why RTG Media Graphics? Because We do the painful part of website development well. The most difficult part of website development is the tedious setup process combined with the layout, design, and SEO. Once this part of the process is completed, most websites remain dormant, with occasional periodical changes. 

A website is working 24/7 presenting a positive image of your business and provides online credibility. In addition, a website is a place to direct your potential customers from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and most importantly, Google’s search engine.

Most websites are locally owned and operated and are what is called a “static” website. A “static” website means there isn’t a whole lot of changes going on. When RTG Media Graphics builds your website, it frees up your time to tend to your business that pays the bills now.

So so many business owners think, well, anybody can build a website because it’s not that hard to do. I would agree with that assessment. Building a website is no different than anything else; it’s the time it takes that’s equally as valuable as the knowledge, and many business owners don’t have the time to spare. Website builders (for only $5.10 a month) are easy, fast, and effective, but unfortunately, far too many businesses put off building a website because they’re busy. That’s where RTG Media Graphics comes in because we get it done at an affordable price for Domain & Hosting and custom Design & Development are Free! 

At the very minimum, a website provides credibility to your business because it provides an online presence. However, the upside of a website is unlimited potential because it’s a salesperson working 24 hours a day  7 days a week for $1.32 a day!

A Website Offers Endless Free Marketing Opportunities

The possibilities of a website are an endless list of FREE marketing opportunities such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and the most obvious one, GOOGLE! Throughout the history of marketing, there has never been such a thing as “Free Marketing.” The internet offers the opportunity to use a website for free marketing without additional costs. The reason I keep referring to free marketing is because of social media. Once a business has a website, it can be shared freely on Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and a hugely popular site that’s almost all free marketing, Pinterest.

In the end, we will have done the work to get you there, but you will be the owner, which is the most critically important thing for any website. It simply just doesn’t pay to put off having a website because the cost is negligible compared to any other marketing that exists. The cost actually goes down in the second year because you have no production costs. Just renew your domain and hosting, and you’re good to go.