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What's The Difference Between Online Marketing and Online Selling?

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Online Marketing Is Online Advertising
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Online Selling Requires An Online Store

Understanding Your Needs Is The Key To Successful Marketing!

Online Marketing Puts The Focus On "Branding"

Online marketing is a commitment to “Branding”! The best ingredient for an affordable Branding Campaign is “Frequency” versus “Cume”. Cume measures the size of the audience that sees something one time versus “Frequency” measures when someone sees something many times. In an ideal world, everyone wants both types of campaigns, but unfortunately few can afford both. I’m relatively certain we have experienced watching a TV show regularly and seeing the same ad over and over, that’s a “Branding campaign using the “Frequency” method. The idea of a branding campaign implementing the “Frequency” method is you will think of that business first when the need arises.

Ads repeatedly on one show create what is called “Top of the mind awareness”, and this is the most effective marketing that exists. Top-of-the-mind branding campaigns are what you see on all the major television networks because it’s the most effective but also are the most expensive. Few businesses can afford the cost of advertising on network television but can afford a smaller audience to achieve good results.

A good example when cume is more important than frequency is a concert. Because a “Concert” is a short campaign that requires exposure to a large audience. A “Cume” campaign can sell out a concert in a short time. Most businesses find their best success with a methodical “frequency” campaign, and some businesses require both. Knowing the best method for your business is important to achieving success in marketing, and RTG Media Graphics can help.

RTG Media Graphics knows how to brand your business through online marketing using a targeted approach that's effective. RTG Media Graphics will get results within your marketing budget!

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