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Pay-Per-Click-Marketing is the most unique marketing method that’s ever existed. What makes Pay-Per-Click-Marketing unique is the cost can be from pennies to Over $100 per click! PPC depends on a business’s industry category. Attorneys pay expensive PPC rates because exposure is sold by “AUCTION BID”. The return on investment for attorneys can be as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Successful attorneys driving up the PPC rate. High PPC rates make it difficult for lesser-known attorneys to win the bids and receive exposure from their PPC campaign.

The bottom line with PPC marketing is it’s a gamble. The ROI with PPC is very low because most businesses can’t afford the long-term budget required for better results. I am not trying to be a joy killer but PPC marketing can get expensive quickly with little to no results. Why would I get poor results from a PPC campaign? Because of competitor ads beside, above, or below your business’s ad. PPC is very tricky and RTG Media Graphics can help!

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