The Best Website
Formula For Success!

The Best Website Formula for Success!

Limit Your Website Budget To
The Cost of Our Premium Hosting!

The following offers the keys to The Best Website Formula for Success! There’s no need to spend one penny more than just the cost of a website’s Premium Hosting Package because it’s all inclusive. The best method of promoting a website is free because Google doesn’t charge for a search listing. You might ask how you can get seen when everyone is ahead of you in a search query? Google has made it possible to leapfrog or be in the Rolodex of search results. The method of leap-frogging the competition is to do a better job than them and get reviews that reflect that. Google absolutely unequivocally loves great reviews and has no problem rewarding those businesses who receive them. Google also uses a Rolodex system for businesses with great reviews in their area, so well-performing businesses get rewarded. The bottom line is Google rewards excellence!

The Best Website Formula for Success!

39.99 a Month Breaks Down To a $1.32 a Day! That’s all a business should spend because Google My Business Promotes a website for free! Google My Business is what makes a website such a great value!

A Website Isn't a Rembrandt

Do you know who gets the results from their websites? The websites that answer questions immediately and provide the information we are searching for. Aesthetics are important, of course, but nothing beats the clicks targeted answers receive. Targeted answers to questions we have are important because Google wants to provide the most accurate answers for any search query. Good quality answers to questions and quality information are Google’s products.

Answers To Search Query Questions
Should Be The Target for Any Website

Think about all the different websites that you purchase from. Do you really care about their ceiling or walls because Google doesn’t? Google only cares about their customer, which is providing the best answers to search queries. Google has one goal: to provide the best answers to your questions in hundredths of a second. Therefore, transparency is the best practice for a website to get the best results. It’s challenging for any website to get organic search traffic if they don’t provide quality information and answer questions.

Nothing Artsy About Information

I have made a study of myself, and as it turns out, all the software, products, or services I’ve purchased were not because their websites are Rembrandts. They provided the information and products I was looking for, and that builds their credibility. The point is there’s nothing artsy about information and answering questions. That’s why a website isn’t a Rembrandt. Ironically, many of the products we purchase are from websites for website development tools and even their websites are not artsy. Good websites are direct and straight to the point because they know we have a limited attention span.

Providing the information they are looking for is the key to engaging someone. The mind says I like what I’m reading. Tell me more?

Providing The Right Information
Is The Key for a Website's Success

It isn’t enjoyable when a website sends you down a rabbit hole but doesn’t answer questions. I’ve seen many well-designed websites that literally don’t answer a question without filling out a form or calling them. We move on when websites don’t answer our questions because there’s innate distrust.

A website should reflect pride in whatever it’s representing in addition to providing the information searchers desire. The most important thing to understand is information is 100% more powerful than aesthetically perfect websites. An absence online means a competitor is getting the customer that you may not know exists. For example, one customer for a barbershop or restaurant could be thousands of dollars more income from that one customer over a period of time.

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Follow The Aforementioned Directions and Your Business Will Have The Best Website Formula for Success!